Leland Hoover, MBA

Management and Marketing Consultant, Business Coach



Leland Hoover
Leland Hoover, MBA

Leland Hoover is a management consultant to freelancers and entrepreneurs. He has counseled hundreds of small businesses through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), SCORE, and through his private consulting practice. Services include business planning, full-stack marketing, technology, finance, and writing.

Leland has worked in many corporate roles, including corporate executive, international business consultant, research & development director, software architect, and geoscientist for corporations including Visa International, First Data Corporation, United Telecommunications. Leland is a serial entrepreneur and holds leadership positions in various nonprofits.

Leland earned an MBA in international business and a BS in business administration from Regis University and graduated summa cum laude. He is also a member of the Alpha Sigma Nu honor society. His early experience was in geology/geophysics. 

Current nonprofit work includes serving on the Board of Advisors and marketing/website developer for the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists and website developer for Arvadans For Progressive Action in Colorado. Leland serves as the Board Chair of CAP-EDU, an educational nonprofit.

Leland is a lifelong learner, fitness instructor, runner, weightlifter, watercolorist, and musician. The Ph.D. is still a work in process.